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Yellow ISOLATE Aluminium Earplugs

Yellow ISOLATE Aluminium Earplugs

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ISOLATE® ear protectors allow you to hear sounds around you whilst blocking out loud noises.

2 x Isolate® Aluminium Ear Plugs
1 x Soft Carry Pouch
1 x Pair of Small Earfoams®
1 x Pair of Medium Earfoams®
1 x Pair of Large Earfoams®

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Using ISOLATE® ear protectors, you still hear noise around you, but only through bone conduction which is safer and a much nicer experience than the muffled rumble you get with traditional ear plugs, designed to last forever. The tips come in Small, Medium and Large are replaceable when they get damaged or wear out, but you will never need to replace the ISOLATE® metal component.

Solid metal is a good conductor and so had been discounted as unsuitable for use in ear protectors. Until now. What Davies has discovered is that, in order to conduct sound, metals need a direct connection. Without a direct connection solid metals block sound perfectly!

"When you isolate a small piece of metal or dense material in soft foam inside your ear, sound waves can't penetrate from the flexible medium of air and it becomes the perfect isolator. Understanding this principle is what inspired us to develop the perfect ear plug. We want to revolutionise hearing protection!"

Block Low Frequencies

Traditional ear plugs and defenders cannot block low frequencies from entering your ears very well. As well as being unpleasant to listen to, they make sound muffled, leaving you feeling disconnected, or as if you are underwater. Low frequencies produce the most energy, and this is not absorbed properly by the plastic or foam used in traditional ear protectors.
ISOLATE® technology works by a revolutionary approach in the materials used. Noise is blocked by a dense material suspended in soft memory foam to isolate it from the effects of conduction. The result is total direct noise isolation for your ears for the first time ever without any electronics!
ISOLATE® has been tested in-house against a typical foam earplug using a direct sound source, this measured the attenuation level achieved by the different materials.
 The red trace below is the source signal which was a headphone unit, the pink trace is a standard foam earplug, the green trace is Isolate (aluminium) and the blue trace is Isolate Pro (titanium). Each square on the chart represents -10dB of sound attenuation.
As you can see by the data below both ISOLATE® versions totally out-perform the traditional foam earplug. ISOLATE® Pro Titanium has an additional 8-9dB (more than double the attenuation) with the lowest frequencies, which is crucial for blocking out the deepest snoring, high impact sounds and enabling you to hear the most details in music. If you would like to see how this test was carried out please check the update page here
ISOLATE® 3D Drawing cross section

Now you can have perfect sound isolation for...

  • Sleeping (Undisturbed nights with perfect isolation from snoring and other noises)
  • Travelling (On planes, trains and automobiles, enjoy silence when travelling)
  • Concerts and Clubs (Enjoy the most incredible sonic details at very safe levels)
  • Motorsports (Total protection from very loud and painful noises)
  • Motorbikes (Micro in size and hidden inside your ear, they won't interfere with your helmet)
  • Working (Protect your ears against permanent hearing damage)
  • High Impact Sounds

ISOLATE® is not like any other ear plug; it blocks all sound from entering your ears including bass frequencies for the first time ever without any batteries or annoying re-charging. ISOLATE® is micro in size and so can be used anywhere to isolate your ears from unwanted noise.

To use ISOLATE® is to feel like you are inside a sonic force field of protection. You hear more detail in music as the peaks of sound that normally stress your hearing have been brought down to a calm, enjoyable and balanced level. Even whistles and screams around you blend into the music rather than ripping into your ears. You are in your own safe world, but as you can still hear every detail from bone-conducted sound, and feel all the bass in your body, you get all of the pleasure and none of the pain of the experience.

In the Package:

2 x Isolate® Aluminium Ear Plugs
1 x Soft Carry Pouch
1 x Pair of Small Earfoams®
1 x Pair of Medium Earfoams®
1 x Pair of Large Earfoams®