MSA CC Passive with Ear Cup PTT

MSA CC Passive with Ear Cup PTT

MSA CC Passive with Ear Cup PTT


The MSA CC Passive is a comfortable noise cancelling ear defend headset that connects directly to most two-way hand portable walkie-talkie radios on the market. Headband and helmet attachment versions are available for Motorola, Kenwood, ICOM, Vertex Standard, ENTEL, Maxon, Simoco, Yaesu and Walter Dittel radios.

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The hearing protector headset has a noise cancelling boom microphone, PTT and down lead that connect directly to the two-way radio with minimal interference from background noise.

The 41000 MSA Sordin CC Passive ear defender headsets enhance the features and benefits of the two-way radio, giving clearer, safer and more efficient two way communications even when in noisy environments.

  • Padded headband and soft cushions provides high comfort.
  • Quick positioning noise cancelling boom microphone for clear communications even in noisy areas
  • Available with or without 82 dB(A) audio limiters - please call for without
  • Weight: 298g(Headband) 292g (Helmet mounted)

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