Icom Bone Conducting Earpiece

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This amazing earpiece works on the bones in your ear vibrating when you talk, which means you won’t have to talk into a microphone,  Perfect for very loud environments and noisy situations as it removes the backgroud noise of a normal PTT microphone.  

It has Detachable PTT button to run down your arm or clipped to your jacket as well as a Belt lapel PTT.

More details

£ 35.00 Tax included

Delivery: 3 to 6 weeks

    • High Quality Audio.
    • Robust and Remote PTT unit.
    • Nose reducing Ear-Bone technology.
    • Light Weight Earpiece.
    • Lapel clip PTT button.
    • Separate wire PTT/microphone and ear plug.
    • Icom earpiece 2-pin Connector

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