Hytera PD405 Radio

Hytera Licenced Two Way Radio with Earpiece

Hytera Licenced Two Way Radio with Earpiece


Sleek, Light and well-designed Hytera Licenced two way radio, with dual mode analogue and digital modes.

With Earpiece

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The Hytera Licenced Two Way Radio resembles what a radio should look like, Lightweight and sleek it’s a modern radio for the modern era. Able to mix between analogue and digital modes, you can upgrade your radio systems at any time with this radio.

Without a LED screen this is a robust radio, an IP55 rating proves this, the first 5 means it is protected against low amounts of dust or dirt and the second 5 means it can withstand a water jet spray of at least 3 minutes meaning for most environments and weathers the Licenced will work perfectly.

See the Video of this Radio Here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bomvr4haC-g&t=25s

Box includes

  • Hytera Two Way Radio
  • Standard Antenna
  • Li-ion Battery (1500mAh)
  • Single Charger (optional)
  • Leather Strap
  • Belt Clip