Motorola Leisure Radio

Motorola Leisure Radio

Motorola Leisure Radio


The Perfect radio for using day-to-day if simple communications are needed. Made by the industry leaders (motorola) these are robust and lightweight, they come in a pack of 2 with an optional earpiece if required. 


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This is a pack of 2 Motorola T40/T41 radios in your choice of colours, Blue, Red, Orange, Pink or Green. They work on unlicenced channels so you may get interference from other users using similar or the same radios. But with 8 Channels you can move to one that has less traffic and carry-on your conversations. 

These are small and lightweight (74g), with a LCD screen to tell you what channel you're on, the range on these are about 4km, depending on the location and how many buildings/hills are around you. The Radios have a 16 hour usage time and use 3 x AAA batteries that can be easily replaced for longer periods.

Package Includes

  • Twin Pack of T40 Radios
  • Belt Clips x2
  • 12 Months Warranty