Motorola Radio With Earpiece

Motorola Radio With Earpiece

Motorola Radio With Earpiece


The fully featured, tough and stylish T61 radio is ideal for staying connected during outdoor activities. Enjoy them at a campsite, theme park or on a hike with an up to 8km range, multiple call tones, rechargeable batteries and optional headset connection.

With Earpiece

The Motorola T60 comes in a twin pack with an optional earpiece. Black in colour with an LCD Backlit display for changing the 8 channels, volume and checking the battery level. They work on the 446 Band with a range of 8km, depending on the area and how built up it is.

With an option of 8 channels to choose from and weighing just 103g it is lightweight and durable for any business. The battery is removable and a full charge should last you 10-12 hours.

There are many extended options on the radio including Talk Confirmation Tone, Keypad Tones, Room Monitor, Auto Power Off, and an earpiece connector.

Package Includes

  • Twin Pack of T61 Black Radios
  • Belt Clips x2
  • Mains Adaptor Plug & Twin Charger Pod
  • Rechargeable Battery x2
  • 12 Months Warranty