Universal Acoustic Tube Bonanza Pack

Universal Acoustic Tube Bonanza Pack


A package of an Earpiece with all the most popular connectors, including Motorola, Icom, Kenwood and Hytera.


This amazing package of all the common connectors with a universal acoustic tube earpiece.

the pack includes

1 x Unversal acoustic tube earpiece

1 x Motorola 2-pin Connector

1 x Motorola GP340/GP640/GP680 Connector

1 x Motorola DP3400/DP4400/DP4800 Connector

1 x Motorola GP344 Connector

1 x Motorola DP2400/DP2600/DP3441 Connector

1 x Kenwood 2-pin Connector

1 x Kenwood Multi-pin Connector

1 x Icom F1000/F2000 Series Connector

1 x Hytera PD400/PD500 Series Connector

1 x Hytera PD600 Series Connector

1 x Hytera PD700 Series Connector

A full package so that you are ready for any radio when you turn up at a job.