Two way radio headset

Two way radio headset


Two Way Radio Headset, over the head and sit against each ear, are excellent for reducing noise in very loud environments, such as construction sites.

They are great for two-way communication and comfortable to wear

  • Superb quality
  • Multi function big control panel
  • PTT button (Push-To-Talk)
  • Volume control
  • Programmable button 
  • Adjustable boom arm
  • Kevlar lined cable

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This wonderful over the head headset, with connectors for the Motorola, Kenwood or Icom radios.

This lightweight headset comes with separate volume controls on the side of the headset and next to the PTT. With comfortable padded muffs, extended, movable boom mic, the cabling inside are Kevlar lined for added protection.

The superb quality of this headset is unmatched for the price; the build is superb and feels like an expensive piece of kit.

Note: the Headset isn't noise cancelling, price includes VAT and Delivery

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