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  • Motorola Leisure Radio


    The Perfect radio for using day-to-day if simple communications are needed. Made by the industry leaders (motorola) these are robust and lightweight, they come in a pack of 2 with an optional earpiece if required. 

  • Motorola Radio With...


    The fully featured, tough and stylish T62 radio is ideal for staying connected during outdoor activities. Enjoy them at a campsite, theme park or on a hike with an up to 8km range, multiple call tones, rechargeable batteries and optional headset connection.

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  • Motorola Licenced...


    This Motorola Licenced Digital Two Way Radio is an affordable, simple and portable two way Analogue radio, which connects your workforce efficiently. Moreover, it has the flexibility to grow and expand with your business. This exceptional device combines the best features of two way radio with the latest analogue technology.

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  • Hytera Licenced Two Way...


    Sleek, Light and well-designed Hytera Licenced two way radio, with dual mode analogue and digital modes.

  • Motorola Unlicenced Two...


    Sleek, Light and well-designed Motorola two way radio that Operates on PMR446 unlicensed frequencies.


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