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Flare Earplugs

Flare earplugs offer an innovative solution to enhance the listening experience while providing essential ear protection. Designed with cutting-edge technology, these earplugs are not only effective in reducing harmful noise levels but also in preserving the clarity and richness of sound. This makes them particularly useful when used with earpieces, ensuring that users can enjoy high-quality audio without the risk of damaging their hearing. Whether for musicians during performances, for professionals in noisy work environments, or for everyday use in bustling cityscapes, Flare earplugs paired with earpieces provide a safe and superior audio experience. Their unique design fits comfortably in the ear, making them an ideal choice for prolonged use with various types of earpieces, including headphones, earbuds, and in-ear monitors.

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  • Flare CALMER earplugs


    Calmer® is a revolutionary product designed to diminish irritating noises without obstructing overall sound or causing isolation. Ideal as an earplug substitute, they reflect sound accurately making bothersome noise triggers more bearable.

  • Flare EarShade Earplug


    Earshade® offers a unique, comfortable, and customizable experience with its heat-reactive memory foam earphones. These earphones provide an impressive noise reduction of -27 dB across all frequencies.

    Every purchase comes with a set of replaceable Earfoams, available in various color options to match your style. The earphones are designed to mold to the shape of your ear, ensuring a perfect fit for all.