EarpieceOnline have many totally satisfied customers -

Emma - I have used covert earpiece for over 5 years and have found this obe to be the best I have used. The longer length wires gave you space to maneuver around without feeling restricted. The microphone was bigger than what I had used before but I found it easier to find the pressle without looking. I would recommend this earpiece if anyone is looking for a covert earpiece.

Elliott - I have not been in the industry long and this was the very first earpiece I used. I found it comfortable to wear, practical due to the long cable and big microphone and it was crystal clear. I have since used a d ring but preferred the covert earpiece. I would highly recommend this product 10 out of 10 from me

Pete - As an old school doorman this earpiece was practical, very versatile, longer length wire did seem a bit too long for me (but im a short ass) microphone nice size, crystal clear. Rate 8 out of 10

Shane - I use the covert earpiece for all security work I have done. I found this one to be very clear, had a nice long wire, I preferred to have a bigger microphone as some have smaller ones and I found I was fumbling about for the pressle switch yet with this one I could find it straight away,( probably due to my chunky fingers). Rating out 10 I will rate this as an 9 and would recommend.

Paul - I have not used a covert earpiece before and I found it uncomfortable. I am used to a d ring and preferred the d ring to the covert earpiece.

Adam Gent - realfirstaid.co.uk -Thanks for the excellent customer service and prompt dispatch, the adaptor arrived the next day.

Lee_1 (working the doors.co.uk) - Would just like to say a massive thanks to earpiece online... Recently won A multi-connector earpiece on www.workingthedoors.co.uk competition, Received the earpiece this morning.... (opted for the motorola 2pin and the kenwood 2 pin which both work well giving i use both radios)Took it to work today and tested it out and got say... Top quality.... Mic works very well and sound is pitch perfect.... 

I went for the D ring style piece as appose to the surgical tubing for comfort and durability....
Can only recommend the multi-connector earpiece to all if you’re one of those who works multi venues that use different radios...

Kerina Sneesby - Thank you for a wonderful and prompt service. I work in security and therefore need an ear piece to go with my two way radio. I looked at Maplin Electronics, but they did not seem to stock the exact ones. After visiting a search engine it directed me to your site. What a fantastic array of products at great prices. Also what a prompt dispatch service. I received an email within in minutes to say that yopu had received my order, another email to say that you were processing the order and a further email to say that payment had been received and a final email to say that my order had been dispatched. I received my order this morning at 9.00am. Well done. I will certainly be recommending your website. Keep up the good work.

Theo  TS Security Service Ltd - Just wanted to let you know that the crew have done it again. I ordered the Bone Conductor earpiece quite late yesterday, and was promised, I would have it next day. There it was as promised. If there are any Door Supervisor's out there looking for a Great bit of kit! this is it! I have been wearing it all day and testing it, in various situations and has proved second to none! Once again Thanks guys!!! 

Hi guys just wanted to drop you a message to say thanks, ordered the bone conductor earpiece (3 of them) and they were delivered within 3 days , to ireland, that's fast :-), the units worked perfectly, ordered 2 more again delivered within 3 days, the pub I work in has high noise and music levels and the units allowed us to communicate more clearly than we had before, could stand under a speaker and still be heard with minimum interference,, so thanks for a quality product and the speedy delivery will be recommending you to others and will order from you again. 

Regards Sean

 I ordered the follow

Motorola 2-pin Bone Conducting Earpiece

Unit after seeing it the talked about on www.workingthedoors.co.uk

The delivery was super fast (next day) and the unit worked great.

I  ordered a second unit and once again the delivery was next day, unfortunately the unit was faulty I called your shop and you sent me a replacement unit the next day with a return bag for the faulty unit.

In short all I can say is GREAT UNIT AND CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SECOND TO NONE will tell all my friends, will be ordering again.

Many thanks

Craig Mills 

 Just a quick email to express how pleased i am with the service you offer.

I ordered an earpiece yesterday at 4.55 and it was here first thing this morning. 
That is a brilliant service. 
If only other companies could follow your lead! 
Well done.
Matthew Bird

Steven Jones - Southampton

Great service! I ordered my earpiece on Wednesday afternoon and I received it on thursday morning, Thankyou.

Andrew Challoner - Exclusive Security

Bought 5 earpieces, really satisfied with sales and service so bought another 5, nice one guys, keep up the good work and hope it all goes well


Craig Collins - West Mercia Constabulary - Armed Response Unit

Really pleased with the new mic set and covert tube. I am able to use it for general duties and on firearms duties. The mic extends down my sleeve. The new gel ear piece is fantastic. Very very comfortable and no more sore ear from 12 hours use. Main advantage I find is that i can hear what is going on around me and not deaf as a result of some thing stuck in your ear. Highly recommend its use.

(Craig bought the Good quality Acoustic tube Earpiece for the SepuraRadio with a in-ear mould)

Martin Thornhill - workingthedoors forum

Just recieved my block connector adapter for my motorola GP680, received it within a day, and works great and saves me buying another earpeice, work all my venues with any radio. 

I received the ear piece the other day, great piece of kit for the money, nice and robust, easy to use. I have recommended you to my fellow team mates

Thanks again Richard Owen

Richard ordered a Good quality Motorola 2-pin covert earpiece

Northern Monkey - workingthedoors forum

Top notch, works a treat and very good quality sound on it - got the High Quality 2-pin Kenwood one.

Kev S Dempsey - Group Operations Director - The NESIS Group

I have found EarpieceOnline to be a full service company who have far excelled themselves both with the service they provide and the quality of their products. My initial order was lost in the postal system, probably due to the strike action at the time. However, when I contacted the company, they immediately offered to send a replacement, at no extra charge, which I received a couple days later, again due to the postal strike!! Having used the earpiece several times now, I am totally amazed at the quality of the transmissions being received, I can actually hear all broadcasts and respond effectively.

I have since ordered another earpiece for a different make of radio, and find the quality to be of the same high standard.

Our previous earpiece supplier’s ‘customer service’ fell extremely short of this company’s high standards.

(Mr Dempsey bought the Bone Conducting Earpiece)

Ian Ashcroft - Alpha - Emergency Medical Service

Hello Earpiece Online,

Well what can I say about the Motorola 2-pin Bone Conducting Earpiece. Well, I work for a large Arena and as you can imagine it's f***ing loud at times, but this earpiece is the best... I don't have to run out to answer the radio anymore, thanks to the Bone Conducting Earpiece.

Anyone who works for an Arena or a noisy environment, for £35.00 the Bone Conducting Earpiece is the only earpiece you will ever need...

I ordered on Monday morning and received it Tuesday Morning. Fantastic service...


Ian Ashcroft

Richard Macrae - Moderator - workingthedoors.co.uk

I found the earpiece very comfy and at times forgot it was there. When I used it first I found it a bit strange not having a mic to talk into but soon got used to not having to move my head down to the mic. When I spoke it came through nice and clear and better than the acoustic tube I am so used to using. I have used this earbud in a loud place and also stood in the quiet, both seemed ok to me. 

I would recommend this item to anyone.

(Richard was using the Bone conducting Earpiece)

Crash_oldschool - workingthedoors forum

Just used the bone conducting ear piece over the weekend . i work in a very loud club and had no issues with clarity of communication at all. first time i've used such an earpiece and found it great, so much easier than dropping your head to talk into a mic or lift your arm. takes a bit of getting used to but is comfortable and well worth the money.

Just wanted to add this:

I purchased a bone conductor from the site about 2 months ago. Ordered it at 3pm on the Thursday, got it Friday morning. Fantastic service, and the website was easy to use too. Took me a while to get used to the ear piece. 

At first, the block in my ear didn't feel as secure as my previous acoustic tube, but now I'm used to it, it feels safe, secure, and most importantly, comfortable. The sound quality I receive is still only relative to the ear pieces other people are using. 

However, I find what I receive easily as good as any acoustic tube I have used in the past. Sending messages takes a lot of getting used to. Not craning your neck feels weird at first, but soon it makes life a whole lot easier. I have my PTT on my belt, so I find I can fire off while maintaining a completely natural pose. Not only does this look cool but it's also useful when you want to fire off without the group of 3 lads that are about to kick off noticing. Also, being stood in the middle of a very loud club, and talking normally (so that I can't even hear myself) is a very strange feeling. Kinda like jumping into the dark, you just have to trust the equipment in the knowledge that it works, but it still feels unnatural. 

However, everyone I work with thinks the sound quality I send out is top notch, and 3 of the guys ordered theirs this week. All in all, a top product that I would highly recommend.

MrSteve www.workingthedoors.co.uk

Paul Joy - Showsec Manchester

Just a short message to thank you for the earpiece, I have been using it on regular basis and find the sound quality very good. Also the earpiece is quite robust and I do like the guard around the send button to prevent any permanent transmissions.

The delivery was good and the earpiece well packaged. I also got what you described on your website. Not something of a similar description like some companies like to send.

Once again thank you

Paul Joy

(Mr Joy bought the Motorola High Quality Block Connector Earpiece)

John Weston - Manchester

The unit is very comfy once it’s in place correctly, suitable for working both inside the venue, and at the front door.  Most of the time I could hardly feel it being there.  Once it’s in, it stays in properly, giving a nice clear transmition.  I was also surprised that it managed to stay in my ear during a scuffle, as most of the other acoustic tube styles usually pop out if you move your neck/head around a lot quickly. Cant really find any faults too it, its a very good investment, and have been recommending them too the other door staff.

(John bought the High Quality block connector earpiece with a in-ear mould)

Chris Lowe - Birmingham

I've just received my new earpiece off this guy and I’ve got to say I’m very impressed. His website was having a slight technical difficulty when I was trying to order online, so I emailed him instead and he rang me yesterday, my new earpiece dropped through my letter box this morning.

I shall be recommending him to others I work with.

The Dog (Scott) 

As you all know, having the CCTV on your belt during a busy weekend shift means that calls to you from other venues can be missed, (hell, I've missed a few but luckily have the boys at Yates, Tonik and Paramount nearby to shout abuse at me for being deaf). the earpiece connects tightly to the GP360, and fits comfortably in the ear as well. It seems very sturdy, and during testing performed well in communication to other venues.

(The Dog was using the High Quality Block Connector Covert Earpiece)




Martin Turnbull - Newcastle

I was searching online for a decent earpiece and found this website, I was quite impressed by the quality and the prices of the earpieces. I ordered a 'High Quality 2-Pin Earpiece' and recieved it the next day when got home from work, Cheers lad's.



Johnathan Egglestone - Berkshire

I used to buy my earpieces from Ebay and they would last a few weeks. When I decided to take the plunge for a more expensive earpiece I choose this website. I'm glad I did as I have been using my earpiece for 6 months now and have had no problems. I also purchased the in-ear mould and I find it far more comfy than the supplied plug, normally, after several hours of use it becomes itchy and uncomfortable but this has solved the problem.



Evo Training - workingthedoors forum

For the last 2 months I’ve been looking for a earpiece boom mic I had tried every 1 but didn’t bother with earpiece online.
I contacted earpiece online and within an hour he had found the exact 1 and quoted me a price that was to good to be true.
So basically what I’m saying is thank you and I apologise for not taking people on this forums advice to use you earlier

thanks again