Walkie Talkie with Earpiece

A Walkie Talkie with an Earpiece is a versatile communication tool that combines the convenience of handheld radio communication with the privacy and clarity offered by an earpiece. This device is ideal for situations where discreet, hands-free communication is necessary, such as in security operations, event management, or on construction sites. The earpiece ensures that messages are heard clearly without the background noise that often complicates communication in busy environments. Furthermore, it allows the user to stay connected while keeping the walkie talkie secured to their belt or in a pocket, minimizing the risk of dropping or losing the device during critical moments.

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  • Kirisun DP405 Walkie...


    The Kirisun DP405 emerges as a comprehensive solution for professional communication needs. It integrates advanced encryption for secure communication, extended battery life through a 2000mAh lithium-ion battery, and essential safety features like Emergency Call and Lone Worker functions. Its compact and durable design, verified by an IP54 rating, makes it ideal for challenging environments. Positioned as the ultimate communication tool, the Kirisun DP405 provides unparalleled audio quality, robust security, and enhanced connectivity to facilitate seamless operations in diverse settings.

  • BD505LF Licence Free...


    The Hytera BD505LF is a digital handheld two-way radio that uses PMR446 pan European licence free frequencies. The BD505LF is the digital licence free replacement for the analogue POWER 446 handheld two-way radio which has been discontinued.

    Featuring the latest advancements in digital technology, the BD505LF offers better performance than its analogue counterpart due to its excellent reception sensitivity; the communication range is further extended. The BD505LF's use of digital coding and correction technology means transmitting messages is clear and no audio crackle. Overall, the Hytera BD505LF is an excellent choice for a handheld two-way radio.