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  • Motorola VB400 Body Camera


    The Motorola VB400 body camera are a must-have for any situation where video recording is needed

    • RUGGED AND RESISTANT : Operating temperature from -20 to +50C
    • SHIFT LONG BBATTERY LIFE: 12 hours of continuous recording
    • SECURE MOUNTING OPTIONS: Klick Fast, Quick Release, Close Fit, Alligator Clip
    • PRE & POST RECORDING: Up to 2 minutes buffer time
    • HIGH QUALITY VIDEO: 1080p & 30fps recording with 120 degree horizontal lens and 0.2 lux low light
    • CONFIGURABLE RECORDING: 5 software configurable buttons with LED, Beeps, Haptic feedback and powersave
    • PEER ASSISTED RECORDING: An activated camera will trigger an unactivated camera if it comes within a defined proximity
    • REAL TIME VIDEO STREAMING: Stream video from WiFi connected VB400 cameras to the VideoManager