Hytera PD range

Here’s our extensive range of Hytera Radio Earpieces. The New PD range of radios are market leaders and have gained an excellent reputation in the last few years. We have four different for these Hytera radios and selecting the correct one is important.

The PD700 Series connector is unique in the radio industry, it is a multi-pin connector and has a retaining screw in the centre of the connector. These will work on all PD700 series Hytera Radios including the PD705, PD755 the PD785 and all others within the PD700 Series, The PD400 and PD500 series is an Easy to fit 2-pin connector with a retrained screw. This is one of the most popular connectors and works on the PD405, PD505, PD485 the PD565 and all other Hytera PD 400 & PD500 series radios.

The PD600 series connector is a traditional multi-pin connector, with a retraining screw and plastic locking plug. These radio earpieces will work on all PD600 series Hytera radios including the PD605 and the PD665 as well as the X1e and X1p Radios and the single pin PD300 series connector is suitable for the PD300 series Hytera radios, including the PD365 and the PD375.

The new range of Hytera AP and Hytera BP connector earpieces can be found here, The Hytera connector can be found on our range of radio headsets.

Our Range of Hytera Earpieces are of the highest quality and perfectly robust for any industry, If you have any questions on our hytera radio earpieces call us on the number or send us an email and if you need perfect sound protection, have a look at our Earplug range.

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