Radio Earpieces

A radio earpiece is an extension of a two way radio, connecting to the radios extension port and diverting the audio and transmissions from the radios speaker and microphone to the radio earpieces mic/PTT and Speaker, be it the acoustic tube or the 

Radio earpieces come in a variety of types. They include: D ring, acoustic tube and ear hook. The acoustic tube type connects to a transceiver that receives audio signals. It has an acoustic chamber and an acoustic transducer, which is coupled electrically to the transceiver, and operates to activate acoustic signals

When choosing a radio earpiece, there are several factors that should be considered. A radio earpiece should not only aid in communication it should also protect the user’s ear against cumulative ear damage that may eventually result in ear loss. Below are the factors that you should consider when buying a radio earpiece;

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  • G -shaped Overt Earpiece


    G-shaped earpieces (which form a ‘G’ shape as opposed to the ‘D-ring’ design) are a lot more comfortable than many other models.

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  • D-Ring Covert Earpiece


    Our Top quality, flexible rubber D fits comfortably over the ear. The PTT and Mic runs in-line from the connector to the D shape, Works with all Motorola 2-pin connectors.

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  • Covert Acoustic Tube...


    2-pin connector, 2 wire kits with PTT and mic, an acoustic tube and mushroom for covert communications and kevlar cabling for added protection.

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  • Heavy Duty Remote...


    Multi Connector Heavy Duty Remote Speaker Mic

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  • Universal Bone...

    £25.00 -20% £31.25

    All New Bone conductor with a hi-rose connector with over-the-ear clip, clear speech, removing outside noise and sound for the clearest transmissions in the loudest of environments.

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