Ear Defenders

With the understanding of the hazards come the guards — ear defenders, also known as hearing protectors or earmuffs. These personal protective devices work on a simple principle of physics: when sound waves hit the ear defenders' outer casing, their energy is dispersed and converted into a much weaker form of energy that our ears can tolerate.

The layers of sound-absorbing material within the ear defenders further weaken the sound waves, preventing them from reaching the delicate mechanisms of our ears. A properly fitted pair of ear defenders doesn't just reduce volume but also shifts the sound's frequency, making it less harmful.

The significance of this protection cannot be overstated. Beyond preventing NIHL, ear defenders have been tied to decreased stress levels and improved concentration in noisy environments. Their role in maintaining a healthy work-life balance is as understated as it is valuable, ensuring workers can perform their duties to the best of their ability, without the anxiety of noise-related ailments.

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  • Peltor Ear Defenders


    these Peltor ear defenders are engineered for maximum comfort and durability. With wide, comfortable sealing rings combining fluid and foam, they offer effective noise isolation while ensuring all-day comfort by minimizing ear pressure and heat build-up.

    The soft, expansive cushions further alleviate pressure, enhancing wearability. A durable stainless steel headband ensures longevity and a secure fit, while the compatibility with a hygiene kit allows for easy maintenance, extending the product's lifespan. The vibrant yellow color not only is eye-catching but also aids in quick protection level identification, promoting workplace compliance.

  • Shooting Ear Defenders


    The Shooting Ear Defenders are highly effective, offering an SNR of 27dB for excellent hearing protection in noisy environments such as shooting ranges and military operations. These earmuffs are designed with both ergonomics and comfort in mind, featuring a lightweight (220g) construction and balanced headband force for all-day wearability. Durability is assured through their robust ABS plastic build and foldable design for easy portability.

    For optimal performance, it's recommended to replace the cushions biannually, with a product lifespan of up to 5 years. These ear defenders are also CE-marked, adhering to the PPE directive 89/686/EEC, and have been tested according to EN 352 and ANSI S3.19-1974 standards, ensuring they meet rigorous safety requirements.

  • Adult Ear Defenders

    • Small: Offers a protection level up to 24db, suitable for moderate noise environments.
    • Medium: With a protection level of 28db, it’s perfect for those who need substantial protection in higher noise settings.
    • Large: For the ultimate protection, the large size provides a leading-edge protection level of 33db for extreme environments.
  • Childrens Ear Defenders


    Our Children's Ear Defenders offer unparalleled hearing protection, comfort, and style for young ones above 5 years. With advanced noise-cancellation technology, soft ear cushions, and size adjustments, they ensure a snug, comfortable fit for all-day wear. Available in vibrant green, blue, or pink, these ear defenders are not only practical but also fashionable, making them an exciting accessory for children. Prioritizing your child's safety and well-being, these ear defenders are a must-have for parents seeking peace of mind in a noisy world.

  • Bluetooth Ear Defenders


    Key Features:

    • Wireless Connectivity: Easily connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth® for a seamless, cable-free experience.
    • Superior Sound Quality: Enjoy top-tier audio akin to what you'd expect from high-end headphones, perfect for music and calls.
    • Voice Assistant Compatibility: Use popular voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant directly through the device.
    • Long-Lasting Battery: The device features a built-in Lithium-Ion battery that charges in just 3 hours and delivers up to 50 hours of operation.
    • Convenient Charging Options: Comes with a USB charging cable for versatile charging options – plug it into a wall adapter, your computer, or a USB port in your car.