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Your Next Earpiece at the Best Price

Here at Earpiece Online we are passionate about the best Quality, most Robust Covert Two Way Radio Earpieces, Simply Plug your earpiece into your two way Radio to improve the sound and Covertness of your conversations and work, Earpieces that make sensitive and key communications more secure. Our Earpieces cover a majority of the 2 way radios out in the market including MotorolaKenwoodIcomHytera and Many More.

We pride ourselves on being the leading UK shop for all Two Way Radio Covert Earpieces. We have fast delivery, excellent prices and robust, strong earpieces that will last longer than our competitors. Many of our styles include a PTT (press-to-talk) button and a microphone, Allowing you to place the radio on your belt-clip and become hands-free when moving around and working.

Earpieces are as simple as our receive only presenter range to our 3 wire kits with separate wires for the earpiece, microphone, and push-to-talk (PTT) button and because of their unique design, they can be used in a variety of situations and environments, primarily where communications need to be protected from the public like front-of-house staff and security personnel. 

Our site has a wide range of accessory styles, they can either be in-ear, where it fits into the ear canal, or over-the-ear where the earpiece sits on top of the ear and is less intrusive. Many that use the acoustic tube Earpieces in both 2 wire and 3 wire find in-ear devices to be uncomfortable for long periods of time, While user of our D-ring and C-shaped style earpieces suffer from background noise issues, but these are great for multi users. Our specialist range of wireless kits and bone conductors are why we are regarded as the best in the business.

When choosing an earpiece you have to take into account the radio that you are using it with a wide range of quality styles Earpieces with all types of connectors, we will find the right radio earpiece for you. We understand that you might be wearing it for long shifts so we choose the best quality plastics that don’t irritate the ear and if you include our in-ear-moulds with your order, you will even forget you are wearing an earpiece.

We have a special section for our emergency service earpiece, under the police earpieces where you will find the tetra radio earpieces for Motorola MTH and MTP and tetra earpiece the Sepura SRH/SRP radio.

If you work at several venues and need to change your unit for each one, then our Universal Earpiece will be for you, We have a full range of styles that we have of our hard-wired kits and a range of all the major connectors, so next time you're not sure what connector you'll need, we have you covered, all you have to do is buy one earpiece with the replacement connectors for the radios that you are using.

Our Top of the Range Radio Headsets, noise cancelling headphones are made of the best materials and are durable, much like our other ranges, you will find Good quality headphones and headset at an amazing price.

We have equipment that is proven and trusted in all industries, from events to festivals and production companies to door supervisors, If you are using a two way radio, then you should be using a Radio Earpiece from EarpieceOnline.