Multi-Connector Good Quality Earpiece

Throat Mic Universal Earpiece

Throat Mic Universal Earpiece


This changable connector allows you to change the connector to the accessory. Available with Motorola 2 pin, kenwood 2 pin, Icom 2 pin, GP340, DP2400, Icom, Entel and kenwood multi pin.


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A comfortable to wear throat microphone with soft adjustable throat-band worn just right or left of centre for clear audio pick up. The soft rubber “D” shape earphone connects via a mini coil cable and the robust press to talk clips to the shirt/lapel with the strong metal clothing clip. Kevlar lined for added strength and longevity. Comes with a remote PTT that allows the option to have the PTT run down your sleeve into the palm of your hand.

With Motorola 2-pin, GP340, DP3400 and kenwood and Icom 2-pin connectors available, you are able to purchase 2 different connectors and use them on one earpiece.

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