Police Accessories

We have a huge range of earpieces used by the Police and other Emergency Services. With a huge range of listen-only and press-to-talk earpieces for Motorola MTH/MTP and Sepura SRP/SRH radios, we have the largest range on the internet.

Our Motorola MTH/MTP range is extensive, from Dring receive only to our range of 2-wire kits. Our Earpieces work on the Motorola MTH800, MTP850 & MTH650 Two Way Radios. Find the full range of these Motorola MTH earpieces here and if you need better protection of your hearing, then these Earplugs and radio headsets.

Our Excellent range of Sepura includes remote speaker mics and white MP3 style earpieces, excellent clarity and robust design, these earpieces will keep up with you while you’re on the job. Our earpieces work with the Sepura SRP2000, SRH3500, SRH3800 and SRH3900 radios.

See more of our Sepura earpiece on this page It doesn't matter if you are a hard working officer on the beat, a Superintendent, a paramedic or a fire marshal, Our earpieces will help you in your working life, improve covert communication and with a large range to choose from you will find the earpiece for you and if you need perfect sound protection, have a look at our Earplug range.

Our range of MTP 3550 earpieces can be found here

Our Range of MTP 6650 Earpieces can be found here

You can also see our Ranges of Motorola, Kenwood, Icom and Hytera Earpieces

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