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Wireless Earpiece

The best Wireless Earpiece on the market, become super covert with this Invisible Earpiece, no one will see that you are in full radio contact.

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  • Neck Loop Inductor...


    Includes Neck Loop Inductor, In ear wireless receiver earpiece and a choice of radio connector.

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  • Replacement Mushrooms...



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  • Throat Mic Earpiece


    This changable connector allows you to change the connector to the accessory. Available with Motorola 2 pin, kenwood 2 pin, Icom 2 pin, GP340, DP2400, Icom, Entel and kenwood multi pin.

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  • Two way radio headset


    Two Way Radio Headset, over the head and sit against each ear, are excellent for reducing noise in very loud environments, such as construction sites.

    They are great for two-way communication and comfortable to wear

    • Superb quality
    • Multi function big control panel
    • PTT button (Push-To-Talk)
    • Volume control
    • Programmable button 
    • Adjustable boom arm
    • Kevlar lined cable

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    MP3 Style Universal Earpiece