Icom 2-pin & Multi pin

Icom has a long standing tradition in the Radio industry, robust radios for all industries, specialising in the Air and Sea markets, our Icom earpieces match the quality of these icom radios.

Icom 2- pin connector

The Traditional Icom right -angle 2-pin Connector, it has a spacing gap of 10mm between the large pin and smaller and 2 retraining screws connector. These will only wok on the Icom radio, these work on a majority of the Icom radios on the market, except for the new F1000 and F2000 series.

IC F1000/F2000

The IC-F1000 and IC-F2000 series connector will work on all Icom 2-pin connectors. They are the same as the original 2-pin connector, with the same spacing and TX and RX configuration, but with a rounder locking mechanism, to work on the new F1000 and F2000 radios.

Icom Multi connector

The Multi connector has a retraining screw, to lock onto the radio and these will work on all Icom multi connector radios. These include the the IC-F30G, IC-F40G, IC-F60G and many others.

Our Range of Icom Earpieces are of the highest quality and perfectly robust for any industry, If you have any questions on our Icom radio earpieces call us on the number or send us an email and if you need perfect sound protection, have a look at our Earplug range or our Radio Headset range

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