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OFCOM Radio Licence

OFCOM Radio Licence


The Simple UK Light license permits hand-portable or mobile radio use across the UK, excluding base stations, with access to fifteen frequencies for £75 over five years. The Simple Site Light license allows base and mobile station operation within a small area, commonly for paging systems, for the same fee. Licensing ensures efficient use of radio frequencies, minimizes interference, provides accountability, prevents unauthorized use, and offers regulatory guidance, crucial for reliable communication, especially for businesses.


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Simple UK Light – This license permits the use of hand-portable or mobile radio equipment throughout the UK, excluding base stations. Licensees have access to fifteen frequencies across four Business Radio frequency bands and must self-coordinate with other Simple UK Light licensees. The fee is £75 for five years.

Simple Site Light – This license allows the operation of a radio system with a base station and mobile stations within a small area (typically 1 kilometer or less). Frequencies available under this license are commonly used for radio paging systems. Licensees have access to a range of frequencies and must self-coordinate with other Simple Site Light licensees. The fee is £75 for five years.

Obtaining a license for radio equipment usage is essential for several reasons. First and foremost, it ensures that the radio frequencies are used efficiently and without interference. Licensed frequencies are regulated, which minimizes the potential for conflicts between different users and maximizes the reliability of communication systems.

Moreover, having a license provides a level of accountability and helps to prevent unauthorized use of radio frequencies, which can lead to disruptions in critical communication services. Additionally, licenses often come with guidance and support from regulatory bodies, ensuring that users are compliant with national and international standards.

This is especially important for businesses and emergency services that rely on dependable communication networks. By securing a license, users contribute to a more organized and functional radio frequency environment.

Once you have purchased the Licence we will contact you to find out information about which licence is best for you.