Best Two Way Radio for Skiing

Best Two Way Radio for Skiing

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When you're out on the slopes, staying connected can be a challenge. Ski resorts are often located in remote areas where phone signals are weak or non-existent, and relying on 3G data can be both unreliable and expensive.

This is where walkie-talkies come into play. These handy two-way radios allow you to stay in constant communication with your skiing partners, regardless of the conditions or location. They operate independently of phone networks and data requirements, making them a reliable means of communication in even the most remote parts of a ski resort.

Whether you need to coordinate a meeting spot, alert others of danger, or simply want to share an exciting moment on the slopes, walkie-talkies provide a practical and efficient solution for communication while skiing.

Snow Proofing

When you're heading out to the slopes, it's important to make sure your two way radio is snow proof. There are features and accessories available that can help you keep your ski trip safe.

Water Resistance

If you’re skiing in wetter conditions, look for a two-way radio with a waterproof rating. This will ensure that your device doesn’t get damaged by rain or snow when you’re out on the slopes.

Durable Batteries

Cold weather can drain a battery, so look for a two-way radio with durable batteries. Some radios come with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that last longer in cold temperatures and can be easily recharged.

Large Buttons

When you’re skiing, bulky gloves may make it difficult to use a two-way radio with small buttons. Look for a radio that has large and easy-to-use buttons so you can quickly get in touch with your group while on the slopes.

Loud Speakers

If you’re skiing in a noisy environment, it’s important to have a two-way radio with a loud speaker. Look for one with adjustable volume levels so you can communicate clearly even when the wind is blowing or other skiers are nearby.

Emergency Features

Two way radios can also be used in emergency situations. Look for a radio with emergency features that can be used to quickly call for help in the event of an accident.


Two way radios are an essential tool when you’re out on the slopes. Make sure your two-way radio is snow proof by looking for features like water resistance, durable batteries, large buttons, loud speakers and emergency features. With the right two-way radio, you can stay connected with your group and be prepared for any unexpected situation on the slopes. 

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