Do Ear Defenders help Babies on Planes

Do Ear Defenders help Babies on Planes

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For new parents and seasoned travelers alike, the prospect of taking a flight with a baby can be as daunting as it is exciting. Balancing the needs and comfort of your child with the logistics and potential stress of air travel is a delicate task. One common concern is how to protect the sensitive ears of infants from the loud and fluctuating cabin noise. This article explores the use of ear defenders as a solution and provides insights into their effectiveness and best practices for parents taking to the skies with their little ones.

Benefits of Ear Defenders for Babies on Planes

Noise Reduction and Comfort

Ear defenders for babies are designed to muffle the surrounding sounds, providing a quieter, calmer experience for your child. The sustained loud noise levels in aircraft cabins can be not only unsettling but potentially harmful to a baby's developing ears. Ear defenders offer a layer of protection, helping to create a more comfortable environment that supports relaxation during the flight.

Protection Against Ear Pain and Discomfort

Air travel poses unique challenges to a baby's ears. During takeoff and landing, the quick changes in altitude can cause ear pressure and discomfort, similar to what adults experience. For babies, who can't easily equalize pressure by yawning or swallowing, this can lead to crying and a very unhappy flight. Ear defenders can mitigate these pressure changes, assisting in the reduction of ear pain and thus, the likelihood of your baby crying from this cause.

Tips for Using Ear Defenders Effectively

Proper Fit and Adjustment

Just as with helmets or any protective gear, the fit of ear defenders is crucial. The band should sit comfortably around the baby's head, ensuring a snug yet not too tight seal. It's important to test the defenders before your actual flight to see if your baby is bothered by the feel or fit, making adjustments as needed. Remember, your child's comfort is key to the effectiveness of any protective measure.

When and How to Use Them During the Flight

Timing the use of ear defenders is essential. You'll want to put them on before the onset of loud noises, which can occur not only during the flight but also when the aircraft is taxiing or preparing for departure.

Having the defenders ready to go means your baby is already protected the moment the noise starts. Also, consider using them during the initial descent to help with the ear pressure changes that can occur.

Considerations for Parents

Safety Concerns

The safety of any device used for your child is paramount. When selecting ear defenders, choose ones that are specifically designed for infants and meet safety standards. Avoid anything with small parts or that could be a choking hazard and always supervise your child while they wear them. Keep in mind that ear defenders should never compromise a baby's ability to hear their parent's voice or comforting sounds.

Pediatrician Recommendations

As with any new device or method applied to an infant, it's wise to run the idea of using ear defenders by your pediatrician. They can offer personalized advice and recommendations and inform you of any specific concerns related to your baby's health or condition. Your baby's doctor can also provide guidance on the duration and frequency with which ear defenders can be safely used.


Traveling with an infant can present plenty of challenges, but with the right preparation and tools, you can help ensure a smoother and more comfortable flight for your little one. Ear defenders have the potential to be a helpful resource in protecting your baby's ears, reducing noise-related discomfort, and mitigating the effects of altitude changes.

Ultimately, the use of ear defenders for babies on planes should be a balanced decision, taking into account the benefits, usage guidelines, safety considerations, and the unique needs of your child. By staying informed and consulting with professionals as needed, parents can approach air travel with confidence, knowing they've taken steps to make the experience as safe and pleasant as possible for their youngest passengers.

The next time wanderlust or necessity calls for a skyward adventure with your baby in tow, consider the benefits of ear defenders and incorporate them into your travel routine for a peaceful and sound trip.

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