The Role of Technology in Enabling Business Networking at Events

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Events have now progressed a long way from the social gatherings that they used to be. They are now a prominent marketing tool for a lot of major corporates.

There are multiple purposes for which professionals organise events. These could be knowledge sharing, promoting entrepreneurship, marketing to lead generation.

One of the main agendas of events is to enable business networking for their attendees in order to provide them a valuable takeaway from their event.

With the evolution of event technology, event planners try to facilitate business networking at events through multiple event tech tools including exclusive event networking platforms.

Technology has changed the way attendees connect at events. Here are just a few ways in which event tech tools have changed the face of networking at events:

1.       Facilitating exclusive networking platforms for events

Social media is a preferred method of networking for a lot of attendees. However, social media networking can also be tedious and time consuming, having to find relevant attendees and connect with them accordingly. With event technology tools such as an event networking platform, planners can now facilitate an exclusive social platform where attendees can discover fellow attendees, sort relevant attendee profiles and interact with them via direct chat as well.

2.  Enabling effective interactions

As mentioned before, planners try to enable effective interactions among attendees through event technologies such as a networking platform such as web apps or mobile event apps. Attendees can chat on the app or exchange social media handles and keep in touch with prospects. Apart from this, some platforms also provide a social sharing platform exclusively for the event such as an event feed. Attendees can start discussions, share photos, videos and more on the feed.

3.       Building connections

The success of a smart event networking strategy for events is the amount of useful connections that your attendees are able to take away from your event. With networking tools, attendees can sort relevant attendees and filter their profiles by industry, organisation, designation, etc. and connect with them accordingly. By enabling discussions and helping attendees connect with the relevant people, planners provide the opportunity for their attendees to build useful connections at the event.

4.       Easy exchange of information

Some event technology tools also facilitate document exchange between attendees. Attendees can share business cards and other contact information with each other through tools like an app or through wearable technology such as RFID bands, badges, etc. This helps in easy exchange of information between attendees. Networking technology can be integrated with other tech tools based on AR, wearable tech, NFC, etc. to further optimise the process of networking.

5.       Aiding in face-to-face meetings

As mentioned before, exclusive event networking platforms help attendees in setting up face to face meetings as well. Attendees can send and receive meetings requests based on available time slots along with the meeting agenda. As soon as the fellow attendee accepts the meeting requests, the meetings are set up and attendees receive SMS as well as email notifications for the same.

Technology has entirely transformed the face of business networking at events. These tools can be used in multiple ways to engage the attendees as well as maximise attendee ROI. Other aspects of technology such as gamification can also be added to event networking in order to further optimise the process and ensure that attendees do utilise the tools that have been facilitated by you for smarter networking.

Apart from this, having such tech tools for networking at your event can be a part of your event marketing strategy as well.

The future from here is integrating more advanced event technology within the existing systems.

Thus, technology plays a very important role in enabling effective networking at events with multi-fold benefits.

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