Guide To The Best Ear plugs On The Market Right Now

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  Hearing Loss

Research has consistently shown that sustained exposure to loud noises can (and usually does) lead to permanent hearing loss or damage. 

As a result, earplugs are a legal requirement of many occupations. They are also a sensible choice for those wishing to keep their ears safe while they navigate the hustle, bustle, and noise of modern life. 

So, whether your profession requires their use, or you just want to ‘tone things down’ a bit, our clear, comprehensive guide to the best ear plugs around is an absolute must-read. 

What Is Noise Attenuation? 

It is worth stating right at the start that few ear plugs can completely drown out all audible sound. None of the ear plugs we’ve reviewed today will totally cancel out sound. Similar to our Earpieces, what they will do is bring the volume down to a more comfortable, manageable level. However, the wearer should still be able to hear the things that are going on around them. 

Now that that’s out of the way, what is meant by the term ‘noise attenuation’? 

The word ‘attenuation’ simply means to lessen something, or make it weaker. Noise attenuation, then, refers to the ability of something to lessen or weaken a sound. The term is usually used to better describe and quantify the ability of a product (in this case, ear plugs) to reduce the levels of noise being experienced by the user. 

Levels of noise attenuation vary according to the proximity of a sound, as well as its amplitude and frequency (i.e., how loud or high-pitched it is). Frequency, in particular, is important to consider, as different ear plugs will offer different levels of resistance to higher or lower frequencies. It is therefore very important to select ear plugs that are the most appropriate for the desired purpose. 

What Is SNR?

In the UK and EU, a single number rating (SNR) system is used to measure the efficiency of noise attenuation. This rating tells you how much noise the ear plugs are capable of blocking out. The higher the SNR, the more efficiently background noise will be attenuated. 

It is important to select ear plugs that match the recommended SNR. If the number is higher than the recommendation, the wearer may be unable to hear warning signals or the instructions of their colleagues, which is a potential cause of serious health and safety issues.

The appropriateness of any noise attenuating product can be calculated using a simple method. If the average decibel level of the environment is known (if not, it can be measured using specialist equipment or even phone some apps), the SNR rating may be subtracted from the local decibel (dB) level. Ergo, if the decibel level is 120 (roughly the volume of a rock concert), and the ear plugs have an SNR rating of 25, the noise level experienced by the person wearing the ear plugs would be somewhere around 95 dB.

If the protection level is too low, for example, the wearer will not be adequately shielded from hearing damage. 

What is NRR?

NRR, or ‘Noise Reduction Rating’ performs the same basic function as an SNR rating, but is the American standard. Accordingly, those shopping for ear plugs online may find a pair that has been awarded in NRR, instead of an SNR rating. 

There are 2 main differences between an SNR and NRR rating. The first is that, due to differences in testing standards, an SNR rating may be slightly higher than an NRR rating, even for the same product. The second difference is that the method of calculating efficiency is slightly more complicated. 

To calculate the effectiveness of an NRR rated product, we must once more obtain the average dB level of the environment (to use the same example as above, let us return to our 120dB rock concert). This time, instead of simply subtracting the SNR number, we must first subtract 7 from the NRR. So, if the NRR is 25, we are left with a remaining NRR of 18. This number can then be subtracted from the overall dB level to obtain the desired figure (so, in this example, 120db becomes 102 dB).

Beyond those mentioned, there are no significant differences between SNR and NRR rated ear plugs. 

LOOP Experience 2 Plus

A stylish, discreet exterior encases a meticulously constructed device with a number of well designed and considered features, all aimed at reducing as much sound as possible. 

Making use of an innovative acoustic corridor and mesh filter, LOOP’s Experience 2 reduces noise by 17 dB (SNR), or 10 dB (NRR). It features a removable mute accessory that can instantly cut the dB number down by a further 3, as needed. 

Unlike some earplugs, a pair of Experience 2s will stay securely in the ears throughout even strenuous activity, such as dancing or attending to an emergency. The product comes with 4 ear tip sizes, so they should fit everyone, even those with smaller ears. The tips are replaceable as well. 

LOOP Experience 2 earplugs come bundled with a special carry case, which is useful for keeping them protected and clean (dirty earplugs can lead to ear infections). This is a great added extra for those who need to carry their earplugs to and from work. The case is pocket-sized, and would fit easily into a handbag or backpack. 

These earplugs provide a good level of protection against louder sounds, are easy to use and clean, look stylish and contemporary, and are strong, being fashioned from tough, durable ABS. They even come in a choice of 4 colours, meaning that they can match a work uniform, if desired. 

These earplugs are lightweight, comfortable to wear for longer periods, and strong enough to withstand being dropped or exposed to minor damage. Because they are so small (the loop is about the same size as a Cheerio or POLO mint), they are a good choice for those with specialist piercings. 

On the downside, fitting the tips can be a tricky, frustrating task. Furthermore, although these earplugs do a very good job of drowning out background noise, they also severely reduce more prominent noise (such as people talking directly to the wearer). This can make wearing these earplugs in a professional context somewhat less than ideal, as the wearer will struggle to hear instructions, warnings, or conversation from colleagues. 

Overall, this is a very good pair of earplugs. They work well, fit comfortably, and the addition of the carry case is welcome indeed. 

LOOP Experience 2 earplugs are a great all-round option for those wishing to wear them at noisy venues or nightclubs, but they may not be quite right for those who wish to use them in a professional capacity. 

LOOP Switch

LOOP Switch earplugs offer 3 noise reduction modes. This enables users to control their volume intake in accordance with their surroundings. For example, if the wearer finds themself in a busy, bustling environment, they may increase the efficacy of their earplugs. If the noise dies down, or they change locations, they can reduce it just as easily.  

The 3 modes available are:

  • Quiet Mode - This mode offers 25db (SNR) protection, and is good for travel, relaxation, or even meditation. 
  • Experience Mode - This mode offers 21dB protection. As such, it is recommended for concerts, live entertainment, and sporting events, among other activities. 
  • Engage Mode - This mode offers 17dB protection, and allows the wearer to hear and converse with other people, such as colleagues or friends. 

Switch earplugs feature a discreet, contemporary, ‘no-frills’ design that will blend in (or perhaps even compliment) any number of outfits, at any time of year. This would certainly include a uniform. 

As with the Experience 2 earplugs (also by LOOP), Switch earplugs come with a carry case for keeping them safe and clean while in-transit, as well as 4 silicone ear tips in a variety of sizes (XS - L). The selection of sizes included should ensure that whatever size ears the wearer may have, their Switch earplugs will fit them comfortably, and should stay in place no matter what. 

For those that are easily distracted, work in busy, crowded locations, or are sensitive to loud noises (e.g. Some neurodivergent people), the option to increase the attenuation levels of these earplugs is a very useful feature.

Switch earplugs are as good for improving focus as they are for protecting the ears. It is also easy to adjust the dial and switch between settings, even when the earplugs are in use. 

As with the Experience 2, Switch earplugs are fine for use with most piercings (even the more exotic kinds). 

To offer a few critical counterpoints, LOOP Switch earplugs are heavier than some other earplugs (particularly the Experience 2s), and are not quite as comfortable as a result. They are also quite a bit bigger and bulkier than some of the smaller, more discreet models. 

These earplugs could also be credibly accused of working too well. Even on the weakest setting, they still drown out a lot of sound. Not every wearer is looking to have so much sound removed from their experience. 

The case is also not quite as high quality as it could be, especially when the price is taken into account. 

All things considered, this is still an excellent set of earplugs. Switch earplugs are capable of removing a truly impressive amount of sound, and the option to effortlessly ‘switch’ between modes is as useful as it is innovative.

LOOP Quiet

Our final LOOP product is known, appropriately enough, as ‘Quiet’. 

These high-performance earplugs offer 24dB’s (SNR) worth of noise reduction at all times. Fashioned from soft, pliant silicone, LOOP Quiet earplugs come bundled with 4 replaceable ear tips (sizes XS - L) to ensure a perfect fit, as well as a carry case for safekeeping. 

LOOP Quiet earplugs come in a variety of 6 different colours, which helps the wearer to achieve the look they want, be it covert, professional, or just something that matches a favourite outfit. 

These are excellent earplugs for travelling (they are especially well-suited to buses and trains), particularly as they fit snugly into the ears, and are far more comfortable and less conspicuous than noise-cancelling headphones. In fact, it is quite possible to forget their presence while wearing them. However, thanks to the titular loop, they can be easily removed at any time. 

By offering 24dB sound protection, LOOP Quiet earplugs certainly live up to their name. They will lower sound levels around the wearer without muting them entirely. This makes them a good option for those who are disturbed by loud or shrill noises, but still need to be aware of their surroundings. 

The design is sweet and simple, the carry case is useful and works well, and, all things considered, these earplugs represent good value for money. 

Of course, now that the ‘pro’ points have been evaluated and considered, it’s time to look at a few of the ‘cons’. The first of these is that these earplugs can become quite uncomfortable if not worn correctly. They are also not particularly well-suited to be worn over long periods. 

Additionally, as with the Experience 2s, Quiet earplugs cancel out short-range sounds too efficiently, making it difficult for the wearer to hear people talking. These earplugs have the effect of muffling all sounds, including those that the wearer may need to focus on. 

In conclusion, the LOOP Quiet earplugs aren’t quite as comfortable as the Experience 2, and they aren’t adjustable or versatile like the Switch. They do, however, represent quality, value for money, and a relatively high level of performance.


Capable of reducing sound by an impressive 27dB, FLARE EARshade earplugs are fashioned from precision-turned aluminium, a lightweight, but strong material. 

These colourful, vibrant earplugs will definitely look the part in more funky, fashionable, and fun settings. Available in a range of eye-catching colours (including ‘Violet Orchid’, ‘Sky Blue’, ‘Postbox Red’, and ‘Aqua Green’), they really stand out from the crowd. 

There is a simple black option for those who don’t want to stand out, however. 

As an aside, the bright colours should make them easier to find in the event that these earplugs become misplaced.

Instead of coming with multiple ear tips, EARshade earplugs feature an innovative type of ‘ear foam’ that moulds to the exact shape of the wearer’s inner ear, and ensures a perfect fit without the need to fiddle with (often tricky and temperamental) ear tips. As the manufacturer boasts, now, one size really can fit all. 

The ear foam is soft, pliable, and easy to fit into the ear. Accordingly, these earplugs are quite comfortable to wear. The ‘canal’ shape will fit most ears very snugly. The outer parts of the plugs also make the plugs easy to remove when they aren’t in use.

The package also includes a pair of replacement ear foams, in case the original pair is damaged or needs replacing.

The inclusion of a carry case is a useful one, as this allows users to keep their earplugs clean and safe. Dirty earplugs (as well as earphones, buds, etc) can cause harmful inner-ear infections. A carry case is therefore a very welcome feature indeed. The case is small and easily portable, enabling the user to take it almost anywhere. 

There aren’t too many negatives here, except for the recommendation that the ear foam elements be replaced once a month. This could prove prohibitively expensive for some users, not to mention wasteful. 

Another downside is that these earplugs are not recommended for those with very small inner ears. They almost certainly won’t fit such customers. The memory foam is a great option for most wearers, but those with ears that are significantly larger or smaller than usual may be better served by opting for a product with replaceable ear tips.

Finally, these are very good earplugs that block out a lot of sound. The memory foam will work perfectly well for most people, but between a lack of options for those with especially small ears, and a relatively small ‘handle’, they may not be quite right for some customers. 

FLARE EARshade Pro

As with the regular variety, FLARE’s EARshade Pro earplugs block out sound by 27dB. However, unlike regular EARshade plugs (which are made from aluminium), the ‘Pro’ version of EARshade earplugs are fashioned from titanium. Not only does this make them stronger, and less easily damaged, it also helps to absorb sound. 

EARshade Pro earplugs use ear foam (a particularly soft and pliant variety of memory foam) to ensure a perfect fit for the majority of wearers. 

The wide range of bright colours (including ‘Citrus Orange’, ‘Postbox Red’, and ‘Violet Orchid’) available to the customer ensure that these earplugs will compliment not only the wearer’s fashion choices, but also enable use in practically any environment. There’s even a plain black option for those who wish to wear them for work, or at more formal occasions. 

The inclusion of a set of replacement ear foams is another welcome feature. 

These earplugs work well, and do a good job of cutting down sound around the wearer. They would prove ideal for loud environments such as concerts, nightclubs, and some more raucous parties. 

Once again, the downsides here concern a lack of options for those with unusually-sized ears. While they may fit smaller ears at first, they will probably become uncomfortable, or may even work themselves loose over time. This is less than ideal for those who may wish to wear their earplugs over extended periods. 

Another downside is shared between these earplugs and the regular version. The insistence on the manufacturer’s part that the ear foams be replaced every month could prove costly at best, and wasteful at worst. 

Finally, these earplugs do take quite a while to seal. At first use, the ear foam may not fit entirely comfortably, and may take around 10 minutes to properly mould to the shape of the user’s ear. This could be a problem a) if they need to be put in quickly, and b) if new ear foam components are used monthly. 

These are admittedly minor quibbles, however. Ultimately, this is a very good set of earplugs, though perhaps not a massive improvement on the regular version (for all the manufacturer’s talk about titanium absorbing extra sound - it does - these plugs offer the same basic functionality as their ordinary (and cheaper) counterparts. They are nonetheless a quality product, and a good option for most customers.

FLARE Calmer

FLARE’s Calmer earplugs are actually hollow. This has the effect of allowing sound into the ear, but attenuating its worst excesses, essentially ‘taking the edge off’ of violent, intrusive sounds such as car alarms, screaming children, roadworks, train whistles, sirens, and other irritating noises. 

The downside of many earplugs is that, as ably as they attenuate the louder sounds, they also make it harder to hear closer, more important sounds (e.g., a friend or colleague talking). Thanks to an innovative design, Calmer earplugs allow the wearer to hear these sounds, while at the same time diminishing the louder excesses around them.

Because these earplugs diminish the louder sounds without drowning out all other ambient sounds (and thus isolating the wearer), FLARE’s Calmer earplugs make a fine choice for those who may be sensitive to loud sounds, or are nervous in public spaces. This makes them a good option for wearers who are neurodivergent, or who live with conditions such as migraines, anxiety, PTSD, or similar. 

Calmer earplugs are made from flexible silicon, which is easy to care for and clean, as well as being very difficult to damage or break. The earplugs come in 4 different colours, including a translucent option which is very good for discreet wear (such as at work, social functions, or formal occasions, among others). The other options are ‘Purple’, ‘Mint’, and ‘Grey’. 

The hollow design also allows air into the ears, which helps to prevent wax, moisture, and bacteria from building up during use. They really allow the ears to breathe, while still functioning as earplugs and blocking out the louder sounds. 

Calmer earplugs come bundled with a carry case, which will help users to keep their earplugs safe, clean, and dry, as well as a handy user guide to help customers get the most from their purchase. 

On the negative side, these earplugs won’t fit every user. They come in only 2 sizes (‘Standard’ and ‘Mini’), and are not adjustable. Without the option of removable ear tips, or ear foam, there will doubtless be some customers who find that Calmer earplugs do not fit them very well. That said, the ‘Standard’ option will comfortably fit the majority of ears, and the ‘Mini’ option should be reserved for those who struggle with even the smallest tips. 

In addition, these earplugs will not cancel out all sounds. They merely diminish the louder noises. If the customer needs proper noise cancellation, or a greater degree of protection, Calmer earplugs are not a good option. 

They are also quite small, and therefore easy to misplace. If one happens to become disconnected from the ear, it may prove very difficult to locate. They may also not be very comfortable for those looking to wear them over long periods. 

In summary, FLARE’s Calmer earplugs are an excellent product. Minor issues aside, they could be a perfect choice for those who wish the world would just ‘turn down its volume’ a little bit. For those with sensitive ears, as well as people with ADHD, autism, anxiety, headaches, PTSD, and more, there can be few better options.

FLARE Sleeep 

Designed for those who have trouble sleeping due to noise intrusions such as snoring partners, noisy neighbours, nearby building or construction works, overhead aircraft or more, FLARE’s Sleeep (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) earplugs are built for long-term comfort and noise attenuation, above all else. 

Drowning out a very impressive 32dB, Sleeep earplugs feature a delicate memory foam ball attached to a thin, yet durable, stem. The idea is that the wearer can sleep comfortably with the earplugs attached (without them coming loose in the night), and yet still easily remove them in the morning. 

Because the design is so small and discreet, those with ear piercings (including tragus, daith, and rook, among others) should be able to wear these earplugs comfortably, and without issue. 

The memory foam ball is designed to fit snugly into most ears, then mould itself to the unique shape of the wearer’s inner ear. The foam’s slow rebound time allows the wearer to adjust the shape to their liking, insert the ball into the ear, then relax as it expands to fill the contours of the inner ear. The foam balls come in 2 sizes, ‘Standard’ and ‘Large’, which should fit most ears, although an ‘XS’ size would have been a welcome option. 

The name and purpose notwithstanding, Sleeep earplugs can be used for activities besides sleeping. As one of the best noise-attenuating earplugs around, they can be very useful for drowning out all sorts of sound. Prospective customers should be aware, however, that this product (designed as it is for sleep) will offer far less nuance than most of the other products on this list. The volume of all sound, from colleagues, customers, and friends talking, to busy roadworks or emergency signals, will be significantly lowered by these earplugs. 

To raise a few negative points, the memory foam, though very soft and pleasing to the touch, is also quite easily damaged. These earplugs may be somewhat difficult to clean, as the foam balls do not respond well to water (first soaking it up, then warping under the strain). 

The foam also makes a crackling sound before it settles. This may be disquieting for more sensitive users. 

Additionally, although the stem is relatively short, it still sticks out far enough that it can catch on the pillow at times. This makes Sleeep earplugs a somewhat less-than-ideal option for those who sleep on their sides. 

On the whole, Sleeep earplugs are among the best on the market today, at least in terms of noise attenuation. Functionally, however, they are slightly hard to clean (a quick ‘once-over’ with an antiseptic wipe should do the trick), and the protruding stem may prove an annoyance to some wearers. Some customers may also be unable to find an option that fits. These issues aside, Sleeep earplugs are a good choice for those who may wish to shut their ears before they shut their eyes. 


LOOP and FLARE are both leading manufacturers of noise-attenuating products, but whose earplugs are better? 

Of course, any comparison is bound to be highly subjective. However, there are areas in which one company or another has a distinct, objective advantage. By comparing the products reviewed in this feature, it should be possible to determine what these areas are, and wherein lies this advantage. 


In terms of SNR protection, the best ear protection featured in this list are FLARE’s ‘Sleeep’ earplugs. However, these are designed to block out all sounds indiscriminately, which may not make them appropriate for professional, or even casual use. 

The most effective setting of LOOP’s ‘Switch’ earplugs is also very impressive, but again, this is designed to cancel out as much sound as possible. 

Ultimately, the winner here depends on what the customer wants or needs from their earplugs. If blanket noise attenuation is required, FLARE’s ‘Sleeep’ earplugs are best. However, if a variety of protection levels are needed, then LOOP’s ‘Switch’ model is probably more useful. 


This is a largely subjective category. What may be aesthetically appealing to some, may not be to others. 

In terms of functionality, LOOP’s trademark curved handles will make the plugs easier to locate and remove, but may extend too far beyond the ear to be comfortable (especially during sleep). FLARE’s smaller protuberances may have the opposite effect. 

However, this observation aside, aesthetics are important to products like this. Many people wear earplugs at work, or in social settings, and the choice of setting would very likely impact the choice of earplugs they make. 

FLARE’s more brightly-coloured earplugs would be a good choice for a dance floor or birthday party, but would not be as well-suited to a business meeting, wedding, or funeral. 

LOOP’s handles, on the other hand, make their earplugs slightly more functional and, despite serving their purpose well, these are neither an ungainly, nor unattractive, feature. In fact, the design of these products is modern, contemporary, and fairly cool. Being more easily noticeable may help in a professional setting as well. 

Overall, since they offer a greater degree of colour options (including black), as well as a discreet translucent option for their ‘Calmer’ model, FLARE’s design is probably the most aesthetically pleasing. They offer more options to the customer and, as a result, can provide a greater number of customers with designs that suit them. 

Ear Tips Vs. Ear Foam

This is a slightly difficult category to consider. Ultimately, the final vote is always cast by the customer. However, it is possible to weigh the ‘pros and cons’ for the purpose of comparison. 

Ear tips are a good choice for many because multiple options are presented before the customer. This is especially useful for first-time buyers who, it must be said, may not have any idea whether their inner ears are ‘big’, ‘small’, or ‘medium’. 

Ear foam, however, may be considered a ‘great equaliser’ of sorts, as it ought to fit most ears (unusually large or small ones notwithstanding). 

In the end, the odds are fairly good that, whichever option is selected, the product should fit comfortably enough.

Experience 2 Vs. EARshade

Both the LOOP ‘Experience 2’ and FLARE ‘EARshade’ feature innovative design elements and boast high performance, but which is better? 

In terms of ear protection, the answer is easy. The Experience reduces sound by 17dB, while the EARshade drops it by 27dB. This makes the EARshade the clear choice for those wishing to block out as much sound as possible. But what of the other functions? Do Experience earplugs triumph in other areas?

Fitting the ear tips to a pair of Experience plugs can be finicky, whereas EARshade are more-or-less ready to wear right out of the box. However, Experience plugs are a very good all-round option. Can the same be said for EARshades?

EARshades may not be the best choice for those with unusually-shaped inner ears. The memory foam (which, according to FLARE, must be replaced every few weeks), is not the best option for those who prefer a more snug, personalised fit. 

Aside from these issues, it seems fair to say that, although LOOP’s Experience plugs are generally good, FLARE’s EARshades are probably better. 

Quiet Vs. Calmer

In terms of noise attenuation, LOOP’s ‘Quiet’ earplugs have a clear advantage over FLARE’s ‘Calmer’, blocking out much more sound. 

However for this head-to-head comparison, it really depends on what the customer is looking for. The ‘Quiet’ earplugs are a good set overall, but they lack the versatility of the ‘Calmer’ plugs. 

‘Calmer’ earplugs, with their hollow bodies, aren’t designed to block out every single sound. Instead, they lessen the louder and more egregious excesses of sounds (train whistles, high-pitched screams and laughs, police and ambulance sirens, etc), while still allowing the wearer to hear important sounds such as public addresses, people talking to them, verbal warnings of danger, and more. 

‘Quiet’, then, are the more effective set of earplugs, while ‘Calmer’ are perhaps more useful to the right customer (and would certainly be more useful for neurodivergent people, or those sensitive to loud noises). 

Rather than rehash the ‘foam vs. Tips’ debate, it seems sensible to simply call this one a draw. 

EARshade Vs. EARshade Pro

On the surface, it seems obvious that the deluxe (here referred to as ‘Pro’) model is inherently superior to its ordinary, run-of-the-mill equivalent. However, in this case, that may not be as easy a call to make. 

The EARshade Pro costs more money than the regular EARshade, but is it worth the extra investment? The key difference between the two would seem to be that the regular model is made from aluminium, whereas the ‘Pro’ version is fashioned from titanium. 

Titanium is a good sound-absorbing material. It’s also stronger than aluminium, which means that the earplugs will be less easily damaged. However, in terms of noise attenuation, both models cancel out around 27dB. The inclusion of the more expensive material (and expanded price tag) has not, by FLARE’s own measurements, improved the earplugs’ function in any significant way. 

There are other factors to consider, of course (see the reviews of both products for more information). However, in these cash-conscious times, the ‘Pro’ model may not represent enough of an improvement to justify the extra expense. 

A Note on the LOOP Switch

Of all the products highlighted here, LOOP’s ‘Switch’ stands out for its versatility. The ability to manually adjust the level of protection experienced is incredibly useful. On their highest setting, these earplugs will cancel a significant amount of the ambient sound. On the lowest setting, they can function in a manner reminiscent of the ‘Quiet’ or ‘Calmer’ models described above. 

This is a truly remarkable product from LOOP, and FLARE doesn’t offer anything like it, quite frankly. 


Best For Loud Environments

On paper, the best options for louder environments would be FLARE’s ‘Sleeep’, and EARshade (or ‘Pro’) models. However, the choice really depends on what the wearer would be doing in these hypothetical environments. If the environment is simply loud, and the wearer wishes to cancel out as much of the sound as possible, then the ‘Sleeep’ earplugs are certainly the best option. 

However, if the loud environment is also a working or social one, then a better choice would perhaps be LOOP’s ‘Switch’ earplugs, as these will allow the user to adjust how much sound gets in, and thus be better able to interact with other people, as well as their surroundings. 

Best for Noise Sensitivity

In terms of noise-sensitivity, the best option is possibly FLARE’s ‘Calmer’ earplugs. 

These earplugs allow sound to travel to the ears, while attenuating its worst excesses. This is admittedly not a perfect solution, as the user cannot choose which sounds register and which are deadened, and these earplugs do not offer a huge amount of protection by themselves. However, for those with sensitive ears, migraines, medical conditions, or other issues, they remain the best choice discussed here. They offer versatility, as well as protection. 

LOOP’s ‘Switch’ earplugs could warrant an honourable mention in this category as well. 

Best for Sleeping

For sleeping, the recommendation should probably go to FLARE’s ‘Sleeep’ earplugs, as they are comfortable to wear, and cancel out the most sound. The protruding stem may be an issue for some customers, however. 

Best Overall

Choosing an overall best is perhaps something of a ‘tall order’. The products reviewed here were each designed with different circumstances and customers in mind. Ergo, please take our selection under advisement, as we refer here to the best overall product, one that we feel would be best-suited to the most diverse array of environments and challenges. 

The best all-round product here is probably the ‘Switch’ earplugs from LOOP. While the ‘Experience 2’ are a good all-round product, and FLARE’s ‘Calmer’ are excellent for niche users, the ‘Switch’ plugs, with their ability to flit seamlessly and quickly between attenuating a lot of sound and letting in various amounts (for example, to hear people talking without having to remove the plugs) are the clear standout. 

They don’t offer quite as much protection as some others reviewed here, but they more than make up for this with high performance, good value, high quality and, of course, versatility. 

In Conclusion

Earplugs are quite a personal product. After all, everybody’s ears are different. In addition, different people are comfortable with differing levels of noise attenuation. While some may find near-silence conducive to higher levels of concentration or relaxation, others still may find it unnerving. 

Some professional or social engagements may require those wearing earplugs to be able to hear certain sounds (such as verbal communication, or sounds that are closer in proximity to the wearer). In these cases, too much protection can even be dangerous. In other instances, earplugs that don’t offer much protection are effectively useless in loud environments. 

It all depends on what YOU, as the customer, are looking for. Thankfully, there is a diverse and varied marketplace that should be able to serve even the most specific of requirements. You’ve seen some of the products here, but there are many more options to choose from. So, whatever you’re looking for, you ought to be able to find it eventually.  

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