2-Wire IMPRES Acoustic Tube Radio Earpiece (Motorola Genuine)

2-Wire IMPRES Acoustic Tube Radio Earpiece (Motorola Genuine)

  • Receive and Transmit
  • PTT: On mic
  • Programmable Button: No
  • Intrinsic Safety Standard: UL/TIA 4950

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The 2-Wire IMPRES™ Survelliance Kit with Audio Translucent Tube is a radio earpiece that allows you to discreetly send and receive messages in loud environments. It is equipped with one wire for receiving transmissions and a second wire with a combined microphone, programmable button and Push-To-Talk button. The acoustic tube is made of translucent material. The kit includes an audio tube, PTT adapter, radio connector clip and clothing clip and works with the new Motorola R7, R7a, R7 NKP and R7 FKP radios.

The unique design of the earpiece means that it is intrinsically safe, making it ideal for use in dangerous or explosive environments.