Cameraman Headset

Cameraman Headset


The SWATCOM SC33 Cameraman Headset is designed to make the user's experience more convenient, as it allows them easier access and full control of their camera functions.

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The SWATCOM SC33 Cameraman Headset is designed to give you easier access and control over your camera. The slim right cup minimizes the bulk of traditional high noise headgear, but maintains excellent sound quality in addition! Another key feature? The left earcup attenuating boom mic that ensures all communications can still be heard even while operating at elevated levels of ambient noise or activity around them; just like with broadcast systems so well known before digital broadcasting became popular technology- they do work great together (and look awesome too)!

The 200 Ohm Audio speakers will flawlessly deliver the sound you need to get a crowd excited and on their feet, while our excellent noise attenuation lets everyone in the room have an audible discussion without static from other electronics or distractions like children running around playing games all over again! The sleek left-handed cup is soft padded so it's comfortable against skin even during long sets--whether they be acoustic performances by bands at festivals or DJs spinning tracks hours later when parties go late into night -allowing concert goers maximum focus experience great music as if performed live right before them.

The Headset is available with a lot of the major connectors, if you connector isn't on the list give us a call and see if we can get it for you.