Passive Noise-Cancelling Headband Headset

Passive Noise-Cancelling Headband Headset

  • Directly connects to most analogue & digital two-way radio transceivers
  • PTT Switch located on the mic boom
  • Padded headband and soft ear cushions give high comfort
  • Comfortable to wear, easy to use, and fully fit for purpose.
  • Easy positioning fully flexible and robust boom microphone gives a high perception of speech, by filtering out unwanted background noise
  • SNR 29 dB
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We all know how important communication is, especially when it comes to work. But in noisy environments, it can be difficult to hear what others are saying. That's why the SWATCOM Sordin Passive Noise-Cancelling Headband Headset was developed. This hearing protector is designed to fit any head size and shape, and includes a boom microphone and push to talk (PTT) button for clear communication even in the noisiest environments. The coiled cable keeps unused cable out of the way and reduces the risk of damage or injury. So if you're looking for a hearing protector that will help you stay connected even in the most challenging conditions, the SWATCOM Passive Headband Headset is the perfect solution.

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