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Single-Sided Head Band Headset Universal Connector

Single-Sided Head Band Headset Universal Connector

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Single-Sided Head Band Headset with a hi-rose connector

  • Adjustable padded headset allows for ideal fit and comfort.

  • To be used when wearing a helmet or without.

  • Adjustable microphone tube.

  • High quality audio.

  • Noise cancelling boom microphone.

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The single-sided headband headset is a great option when you want the freedom and flexibility of wearing your audio device around your neck or in front.

With its adjustable padded design, it allows for an ideal fit that will keep irritation at bay while giving full access to speak freely without having earbuds sticking out from either side!

The noise cancelling boom microphone eliminates background noises so conversations feel more private than ever before - perfect if one person needs their voice heard over others in crowded rooms or busy control rooms.

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