Single-Sided Headset with Universal Connector

Single-Sided Headset with Universal Connector


Single-Sided Headset and Single-sided head band headset with boom mic and PTT. 

The single-sided head band headset with boom mic is the perfect accessory for those who are always on their feet. With its lightweight construction, this headset does not weigh down your sensitive ears or leave any marks behind after use which makes it great if you need to wear them all day long at work!

This style also has an adjustable size so that no matter what kind of face someone else might have they will fit comfortably into these cups without feeling like they're suffocating themselves whatsoever thanks again in large part due out how breathable cotton material was utilized during production process too making sure air flow never gets restricted.

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This wonderful Single-Sided Headset, with Our Universal Connector.

This lightweight headset comes with a PTT in-line with the connector. With comfortable padded muffs, extended, movable boom mic, the cabling inside are Kevlar lined for added protection.

The superb quality of this headset is unmatched for the price; the build is superb and feels like an expensive piece of kit.

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