SWATCOM Universal Connector A-Kabel Helmet Headset

SWATCOM Universal Connector A-Kabel Helmet Headset


We have taken our popular A-Kabel helmet headset and added a Universal Connector to it, The SC34 Swatcom A-KABEL helmet Passive headset is a heavy duty headset designed to improve communications in high noise environments and where there's lots going on around you.

This headset fits many different headsets, please ask us before ordering to check the helmets you are using fit this headset.

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The SC34 Swatcom A-KABEL Passive helmet headset is an ultimate in heavy duty headsets, designed to improve communications when the noise gets too loud, in the most demanding environments.

The noise cancelling microphone is a great way to eliminate background distractions while you talk. The cushioned headband has an adjustable pressure control, soft ear pads for extra comfort high comfort during use.

A single push button design makes communicating quick and simple, Plus its fully flexible boom arm means no more holding onto the mic - just position where needed for optimal performance.

The headset is designed with high-quality materials, All internal electrical components and cables have clip connectors for easy replacement in case something goes wrong or if they are broken! Additionally all external cords (cables) feature moulded waterproof strain reliefs on them so they don't get damaged when pulled tight during use - making these perfect in all weathers.

The SNR (single number rating) of 30dB, meaning it can reduce up to 30dB of noise exposure.

The Swatcom Heatedset is available with all the major connectors, 

multi 3315