Different Styles of Radio Earpieces Explored And Explained

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An earpiece is part of a device that is placed on or inside the ear for listening to something. Earpieces are amazing electronic devices that are intended to convert electronic signals to sound waves and then directed into the ear. Yes, these are perfect for listening to the electronic-audio signals produced by devices. They assure absolute privacy, convenience, mobility, hands free operation and reception of audio in excellent quality. Generally theses earpieces are of two types – the wired and the wireless earpieces. Earpieces assure a clear and discrete source that makes communication easy and effective.

Different styles of earpieces:

D-Ring 2-pin Covert Motorola Earpiece1. D shape earpiece: It plugs into microphones or radios and assures exceptional quality in reception. This fits comfortably and snugly into your left or right ear and helps you to communicate distinctly and easily. 

Pros: It offers hands free operation and excellent durability, reliability and performance efficiency. It is ideal for security and surveillance purposes.

Cons: Some are of the opinion that it is uncomfortable to wear this type of earpiece.

G -shaped Motorola Earpiece2. G Shaped earpiece: It is made with high quality environmental PU cable reinforced with Kevlar. This is comfortable, flexible and fits well in noisy environments. Yes, it promises a secure fit and does not intrude into your ear.

Pros: This earpiece is ideal for use in military, warehouses, night clubs, hotels, restaurants and in other noisy places. They are extremely sturdy, reliable and work well even in a low-profile environment. This product provides exceptional value for money.

Cons: It does not sit on your ear in a precise and secure manner.

EAR-BUD EARPHONE MICROPHONE WITH PTT3. Earbud and lapel mic: The single wire earbud is light weight in nature and designed to attach securely by a soft ear hook. It also incorporates the use of superior grade environmental cable supported with Kevlar.

Pros: It can be worn comfortably for hours. The microphone is highly sensitive and discreet even to whisper. The cord is wrapped with Kevlar for durability and strength. It is also equipped with a clothing clip.

Cons: Some are of the opinion that the cord is very long.

Good Quality Motorola Covert 2-Pin Earpiece4. Acoustic tube and lapel mic: This comes in a two wire version that incorporates surgical grade acoustic tube to facilitate discreet communication.

Pros: It facilitates clear communication in sensitive environments. It is suitable for a variety of applications including the security and catering staff

Cons: The cord is a bit lengthy.

High Quality 3-wire Covert Kenwood 2-pin Connector Earpiece5. Acoustic tube with mic and PTT: This is a three wire version equipped with a lapel microphone and a push-to-talk button that allows you to talk and listen without having to remove the radio from the belt. It integrates a flexible cable with Kevlar reinforcement.

Pros: The earbud fits conveniently and comfortably into your ear. You can converse freely without holding the radio in your hand.

Cons: You may experience difficulty in pressing the PTT button.

2 way radio headset

6. Lightweight headset: These are adjustable and flexible microphones that guarantee good voice quality. They are reversible for use on either ear. It features a robust design, Kevlar reinforcement and high grade environmental PU cable.

Pros: It facilitates discreet two-way communication and extended usage.

Cons: They do not incorporate a mute switch.

Remote Speaker Mic

7. Remote speaker microphone: It is precision engineered for security applications and assures excellent sound clarity. It features an emergency button and 3.5mm audio jack.

Pros: It uses high grade components and assures crystal clear audio. 

Cons: Does not fit normal stereo radio jack.

8. Bluetooth: This is an electronic device that helps you to communicate wirelessly.

Pros: They are portable, energy –efficient and easy-to-use.

They are power-packed with excellent performance than the ordinary speakers.

Cons: It facilitates only short range communications and can also be easily hacked.

9. The two piece kit: This comprises of a two piece kit with an earpiece with microphone and a wireless adapter to plug into the radio.

Pros: It assures a long lasting battery of up to 24 hours and you need to pair it up only once.

Cons: This system is little expensive.

10. The three price kit: This comprises of an earpiece with microphone, a wireless adapter to plug in to the radio and PTT button.

Pros: The batteries last up to 24 hours for normal usage.

Cons: This product is also bit pricey. 


Earpieces are a result of innovative technology. Yes, they serve as effective communication tools to achieve quality sound. If you are planning to buy one this article will be definitely useful for you.

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