Different Styles of Radio Earpieces Explored And Explained

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An earpiece is part of a device that is placed on or inside the ear for listening to something. Earpieces are amazing electronic devices that are intended to convert signals to sound waves and then directed into the ear. These are perfect for listening to the electronic-audio signals produced by two way radios. They assure absolute privacy, convenience, mobility, hands free operation and reception of audio in excellent quality.

Generally theses earpieces are of three types – One-wire. Two-Wire and Three-Wire. Earpieces assure a clear and discrete source that makes communication easy and effective.

The Basics

The One Wire Kit: A Single wired earpiece, with the PTT and microphone connecting the earpiece and radio. This is commonly called an in-line PTT.

Pros: Very affordable and perfect for 

They are power-packed with excellent performance than the ordinary speakers.

Cons: It facilitates only short range communications and can also be easily hacked.

The Two Wire Kit: 2 wires kits start from the radio connection, with one of the wires running to the PTT and Mic and the second running up to the Earpiece.

Pros: It assures a long lasting battery of up to 24 hours and you need to pair it up only once.

Cons: Lots of wires, they can get tangled easily.

The Three Wire Kit: 3 wire kits start from the connection to the radio, with one wire going to a barrel PTT button, the second to a high Gain mic and the third to a clear acoustic tube earpiece/

Pros: Excellent for super covert work, allowing the user .

Cons: can be a bit pricey. 

Different styles of earpieces:

D-Ring  2-pin Covert Motorola Earpiece

D shape and lapel mic: this is a 1 wire kit, with an in-line PTT button and microphone. The D-Ring style fits perfectly over an ear, allowing secure hands free operation to the User.

Pros: Perfect for multi users (can be wiped clean with antiseptic cloth) and great for any environment.

Cons: The D ring fits over the ear and can be irritating to the user over long periods, 1 wire kits are limiting to wear.


G -shaped Motorola Earpiece

G Shaped and lapel mic: Also a 1 Wire Kit, but with a more flexible over ear C-shaped earpiece and in-line PTT. Ear foam to improve sound and comfort.

Pros: A more flexible and comfortable earpiece than the D-ring Style, with a sock foam for more comfort and secure communications.

Cons: It does not go into your ear and as a 1 wire kit can be limiting to wear.



Earbud and lapel mic: A 1 Wire kit with just an ear-bud style, with sock foam and in-line PTT

Pros: perfect for surveillance, looking like you are wearing a MP3 player.

Cons: no securing clip over the ear, just fits into the ear.


Good Quality Motorola Covert 2-Pin Earpiece

Acoustic tube and lapel mic: The Standard Earpiece, a 2 wire kit with PTT and mic on one wire and Curly acoustic tube on the other. Equipped with a lapel microphone and a push-to-talk button that allows you to talk and listen without having to remove the radio from the belt

Pros: It facilitates clear communication in sensitive environments. It is suitable for a variety of applications and environments

Cons: the Acoustic tube can be prone to blockages.

High Quality Covert Earpiece

High Quality Acoustic tube with mic and PTT: This is a 2 wire version of the acoustic tube earpiece, with added benefits that include, a smaller. sleeker, PTT button that includes plastic shielding and a twist and pull release acoustic tube.

Pros: A Great Earpiece with Kevlar cabling inside, typical 2 wire kit with plastic shielding over the PTT to protect the button and quick easy release acoustic tube.

Cons: Acoustic tube can be prone to blockages.

Bone Conducting Earpiece: A specialist earpiece, designed to work in loud environments, no need to talk into a mic, just press the PTT button and speak.

Pros: Perfect outward communications even in the loudest environments.

Cons: Similar receiving levels to an acoustic tube earpiece, can be difficult to use for some people.


2 way radio headset

Lightweight headset: These Radio Headsets are adjustable and flexible microphones that guarantee good voice quality. They are reversible for use on either ear. It features a robust design, Kevlar reinforcement and high grade environmental PU cable.

Pros: It facilitates discreet two-way communication and extended usage.

Cons: isn't noise cancelling,

Remote Speaker Mic

Remote speaker microphone: Great accessory for any weather, sitting on your chest with an 3.5mm audio jack, that a receive only earpiece can be inserted into.

Pros: It uses high grade components and assures crystal clear audio. 

Cons: communications aren't secure

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