How to Clean an Earpiece

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Quite often the first part to fail on a Radio earpiece or hearing aid is the clear tube, or acoustic tube.

This part is closest to to the ear and easily picks up air bubbles, water drops, and dust.

We show you here How to Clean an Earpiece and make it as good as new. Transcript: Quite often if you are not receiving audio through your radio earpiece, it is down to a blockage in the acoustic tube.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this problem, which doesn't mean you have to purchase a new earpiece.

Firstly look over the tube and see if you can see any air bubbles, water drops, or build-up of dust. Then, Run water down the tube, to clear out the blockage.

Blow down the tube and remove all the water. Finally leave to dry in a warm place, it will then be as good as new.

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